Cutting Edge and Reliable Power Generation and Storage Equipment

Power generation and storage is a high demand skill that many industries require. Supplying  reliable, long-lasting energy  and storage systems is important to ensuring our clients business success. As a top-notch equipment provider, many companies turn to us to help them with their power generation and storage issues.

We ensure that our sourced power solutions are working error-free and have no issues supplying and storing that energy. Microlight Enterprises is dedicated to providing a better, safer, and more convenient solution for storing and generating power. Our power engineering solutions benefit both industrial and residential customers. 

Power Solutions Équipements

  • LV/MV  Power Systems
  • Industrial Generators & Spare Parts
  • Industrial Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Industrial & Commercial Transformers 
  • Industrial Motors
  • Power Cables 
  • Customized Industrial Solutions