Manufacturing Goods Tested Against Rigorous Quality Standards

With nearly two decades of experience serving clients from a variety of industries, we understand that a client’s trust is based on the quality of service you provide. That is why our manufactured goods are tested against the highest quality of standards in the market. Microlight Enterprises produces industrial goods in sectors ranging from oil & gas, biomedical, power generation, petrochemical, construction, industrial to audio-visual. We perform fabrication of all kinds of fuel storage tanks, pressure vessels, sheet metal works including production of canopies, industrial panels and industrial frame structures.

Maximizing profits is what every business hopes to achieve. Yet doing so at the expense of the quality of services or products you provide is never recommended. Microlight Enterprises manufactures high quality and durable storage solutions for industries. Moreover, engineering products we manufacture are tested rigorously for stability and durability, to ensure a long and carefree life for our clients. 

Manufacturing Industrial Products

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Process Vessels 
  • Sheet Metal Works
  • Industrial Panels
  • Industrial Frame Structures 
  • Ducts & Hoppers
  • Heat Exchangers & more 
  • Fuel Browsers 
  • LPG Browsers